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How to Avoid Falling Sick During Monsoons? Follow These Ayurvedic Tips
Anjana Thailam
Item Code: HC404

Manufacturer: AC

Quantity : 100  

Weight : 400 gms

A highly advanced ayurveda formulation, for hair care. It gives natural black colour to hair, prevents premature greying, enhances hair strength, prevents hair rupture &hair fall and protects from dandruff. It tones up the hair follicle and induces hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp area.

Rs. 206.00 ($ 3.71)


Apply 5-10 ml. gently onto the scalp before taking bath. Massage gently for a few minutes into the scalp with your fingers along for some time. After 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and mild shampoo.


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