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DHARAPATHI (DHRONI) - FRP [Extra Wide - Heavy Duty]
Item Code: 1500

Manufacturer: AE

Quantity : 1 Number

Weight : 0 gms

Extra wide, heavy duty Fiberglass (FRP / GRP) Dharapathi, PUF filled to resist impacts during handling, transportation or shipping with Rosewood or Jungle wood surface finish in Export range or plain colour in Std. range.

Product Specification: Size: 281cm/ 290 cm x 92cm x 12cm (9.5' x 36" x 5")

Note: The product prices is Ex-Factory. Taxes, P&F, Insurance, Freight & Handling Charges Extra. Contact us for the rates.

Rs. 23000.00 ($ 414.00)
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Dharapathi (Dhroni) - WOODENon Tiltable Table
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Dharapathi (Dhroni) - WOODEN Export Quality [Model-1]
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Dharapathi - Wodden on Plain Stand ( Model-2)
Item Code: 1510
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Rs. 48583.00 ($ 874.49)
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