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How to Avoid Falling Sick During Monsoons? Follow These Ayurvedic Tips
Skinelle Cream
Item Code: SC106

Manufacturer: CP

Quantity : 100 gm

Weight : 150 gms

To applied on pimples, after cleaning with warm water.
1) Effective and safe natural medication.
2) It can be used for long period of time.
3) The improvement may be seen after 2-3 weeks of continuous use.

1) Prefer bland food.
2) Consumption of leafy vegetables is recommended.
3) Consumption of cow?s milk, cow?s ghee is useful.
1) Avoid intake of high protein food and sweet.
2) Avoid mental tension.
3) Avoid keeping awake lat in the night.
4) Avoid smoking, alcohol and tobacco chewing.
5) Avoid consumption of fast food, confectioneries and bakery products.
6) Avoid excessive consumption of tea and coffee.

Rs. 200.00 ($ 3.60)
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